Create an army of archers in ARCHERz unblocked and take control of your army smartly to defeat all enemy armies. ARCHERz free online is considered to be a good strategy io game free for all. You should give it a try and take this chance to practice your skills. To have a big army, you must hire a lot of archers. One army can store up to 100 archers, and each of them is armed with different abilities and attacks. When the fight starts, send out your archers into the fight then let them help you vanquish all enemies. As you fight, you can search for gold coins on the map. The more gold coins you collect, the more items you can buy. Make use of them to deal even more damage to the rival armies and try to outplay them all for your ultimate victory. You have to become the best leader of your army in this ARCHERz game.

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