DarkNova.io unblocked is one of the best-selected io games you can play for free. You team up with other players as a team to fight and defeat the rival team for the ultimate victory. It’s an epic battle where only one team can win. You can attack enemies and kill them all if you want, but the more important thing is how you can take the gem and take it back to your base, which is your main goal in DarkNova.io game. Hence, you don’t need to slay opponents. Just simply take a chance to sneak up behind them, stay in their blind spots, get the gem then bring it to your base. Remember to buy ships that counter the way the enemy is playing. There will be discrepant ships working differently on maps. If you don’t have enough money for the ships, just hang back and start to collect modifications dropped by the defeated players. You have to bring victory to your team!

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