unblocked is a unique io game that makes it different from other titles. You are required to have good navigating and shooting skills to beat all challenges in this title. You have to navigate a helicopter through the map in order to shoot all enemies from around the world. Besides shooting them, you can build towers and create walls on the map for marking your territory. Some experience points will be given to you when you create bigger territory as well as kill more helicopters controlled by other players. game online features three different game modes, namely PVP, Defuse, and Games. The PVP mode pits players against each other to see who will take over as much of the map as possible. The Defuse mode will have two teams to compete with one another. There are two spots owned by the teams. Each of them must keep it safe. In the Games mode, there will be 8 colored teams of 6 players joining the fight. They also have to take over as much area on the map as possible for a chance of winning. free consists of 32 levels for you to upgrade. You must earn enough XPs to level up. To advance your levels, try to demolish the enemy towers, capture territory, as well as shoot all enemies. Can you win over them all and lead your team to victory? Have fun!

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