Gunfu is a nice io game for all people who love shooting. Connect to a competitive multiplayer match online and get ready to explore an extremely fun challenge by yourself! Aside from that, you are also asked to dominate the leaderboard. In order to achieve the goal, remember to score and survive! You need to become the best player as soon as possible. Play Gunfu free with some simple weapons and you will have the chance to unlock numerous upgrades once you level up. To progress faster, you are able to release killstreaks. With your advancement, you can purchase a series of powerful guns easily. However, you will lose everything that you have already gained if you cannot stand in front of a deadly shot. Each stage in Gunfu unblocked will offer different tools. You’d better pick out the equipment that is really suitable with your requirements. It will help you increase your point and occupy the position you want sooner. Good luck!

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