Plunge into the battlefield of unblocked to compete against opponents from around the world for your ultimate survival. Battle royale io games always bring big challenges to you, and so does this game. When everyone is ready, they will be teleported into the main map where the battle begins. If you want to win this battle royale game, you have to be fast, cunning and smart. There’s nothing in your hands, so go loot items from other players or unlock some chests to get some equipment for yourself. Then, you will farm materials, build walls to defend yourself from the rivals, equip yourself with better weapons and make use of them to inflict damage on other players. Enemies are the dangers to you, but the zone that keeps shrinking inside can be even more dangerous if you have no plans to deal with it. You’d better stay in the safe area to avoid taking damage from the danger zone. It’s all for your victory royale and you must get it to become the winner in survival game.

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