To win MNML.GG unblocked, you are going to have to get through two awesome phases: VBOX Phase and Game Phase with different objectives. Have fun trying out this unique io game and take this chance to prove your skills. In the VBOX Phase, you are tasked with building a team with good skills and specializations. By having those two elements, the stats of your constructs will be increased. Plus, you can even merge items together to get even stronger variants and synergies. That’s what you experience in the first phase. When you come to the second phase – the Game Phase, you must be ready to fight against enemies. Try to disable their constructs, make them waste their abilities, get an upper hand on them using your strategies, and finally eliminate them from the arena while you can boost your own constructs power. Do your best to get through all the challenges to become the victor. MNML.GG io online is a free game for all. Play it now! Have fun!

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