Paperio 3

Paperio 3 unblocked is the third installment in series. Get ready to capture a big territory in the map and try to eliminate your opponents.

Have your skills ready for a new epic competition in 3. Once again, you have to show off your territory-capturing skill to build up the largest territory possible for yourself while defending it from many rivals around you. Prepare your strategies with some tactics in advance for this challenge. You will experience a tough battle as well as earn yourself a lot of fun with Paperio 3 unblocked free game online. 3 online gameplay

  • Once you have stepped into the arena, try to move around to capture more space and connect it back to the main base to expand the territory
  • Be aware of other enemies and protect your tail which is a weak point.
  • Stop enemies from stealing some pieces of your land and quickly hit their tails to eliminate them out of the arena.
  • Use your best strategies to outwit your opponents, be smart than them!
  • Try to build up the biggest territory possible until you reach the top rank on the leaderboard

Strategies for 3 free

  • Be a steady player in Paper io 3 unblocked for a higher chance of winning the race. You should focus on eating more lands and then connect them back your main base to make your realm much larger in a shorter time.
  • Try not to cut your own line! If you cut your own line while searching for spaces, this will result in an instant game over. So be careful and keep your tail safe all the time.
  • You are recommended to reach the edges of the arena first where you can easily make your territory larger and protect it much more easily.
Paper io 3 unblocked
Paper io 3 unblocked

Features of 3 game

  • Smooth movement without any lags.
  • A wide range of new skins for you to unlock
  • Play with a lot of friends from around the world
  • Play 3 online in the full-screen mode

No more waiting! Play Paper io 3 free game in your browsers right now to experience more awesome challenges and perfect your skills even more. Play 2 game here.

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