Are you a true talent in music? Play free game now to prove your music knowledge and challenge other players around the world to crazy matches. This is a chance for you to enhance your music knowledge as well as learn about new songs or new artists you haven’t known before. Pick a game mode you want to master then step into a room to play against other players. You will guess the name of a song or the artist that is playing. When a song is played, quickly think about what the correct answer can be, then choose it quickly before anyone else. You should be the first player choosing the correct answer to earn coins and points. With coins, you can buy some bonuses for yourself, like “remove an answer” or the “double chance” Make use of these bonuses to get an edge over your opponents and beat them all with the most correct answers. unblocked is a good game to bring you more music knowledge. You can play it to stimulate your brain and have fun with new friends! Play it now!

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