UFOz unblocked is settled in a big city arena where players must fight one another using their UFOs. The game is so cool when it allows you to direct a UFO and it makes you feel like you are an alien coming from another planet. The mission for you in the UFOz game is to attack the city from the suction power of the UFO vehicle. You are a free sucker here, which means you can suck as many people as possible. Not only that, but you also absorb various buildings and other objects, like trees. The more you suck, the better it is. This helps improve your UFO through over time to make it stronger than ever. Be aware of the UFOs of other players who are doing the same task as you. You can only suck the smaller UFOs while staying away from the bigger ones. Do not get sucked by the big UFOs, otherwise, the game will be over. You will get more points when sucking big things! Keep growing your points until you get to the top rank on the leaderboard. There are 8 levels for you to upgrade. When you get to level 8, you will become the strongest UFO in the arena. Play UFOz free game and have fun with it!

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