You are stepping into a big worm zone in unblocked with a big goal: survive and become the biggest worm. Much like game, this io title has the same gameplay mechanic even though its graphics and features are a little bit different. You play the role of a small worm moving around the arena to hunt for cute animals. They are dispersed around the play area, so, it’s easy to consume them. When you eat those animals, your length will be grown gradually. More than that, you can absorb power-ups to get an upper hand on other worms. You should avoid crashing into their bodies as you roam around the map, otherwise, the game will be over. But when you make them run into your body, you can kill them and eat their remains to increase your size bigger. Speed up to bypass the dangers but doing this much will cost you an amount of length, which requires you to collect animals to grow bigger. Will you reach the top rank on the leaderboard? Try game for free!

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