ZombiesWithGuns.io is a 2d shooter a new iO game that you should play online. Join a deathmatch with other strangers over the world and destroy as many enemies as possible. Control a gun-wielding zombie you need to collect the most kills to conquer every round. In ZombiesWithGuns.io, you are recommended to eat other players‘ brains to obtain a shield. It will be a free tool to block damage. Before you shoot, you can aim down sights to release accurate shots. Additionally, you are able to fire short bursts when the prey is far away. Headshots are great to bring you to the top spot sooner.

Aside from different weapons provided in ZombiesWithGuns.io unblocked, you can perform various abilities. When you keep jumping, you will gain high speed. Additionally, silent footsteps are good at sneaking around. While you can move in the mid-air to make competitors harder to kill you, you will drown in case you fall in the water. Start the match and conquer the leaderboard now!

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